3 Days to Kill...nice to watch

Experienced independent agency agent Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) works with a team to capture The anomaly (Tómas Lemarquis), lieutennant to AN arms merchandiser known as The Wolf (Richard Sammel), as he's marketing a grimy bomb to some terrorists. The anomaly catches knowing the entice once he acknowledges one in every of the agents, whom he kills. Renner is in a position to cripple The anomaly by shooting him within the leg, however not capture him. Meanwhile, elite independent agency assassin Vivi Delay (Amber Heard), World Health Organization has been in person allotted by the Director (Raymond J. Barry) to kill The Wolf, monitors the operation, and notices Renner has unwittingly seen The Wolf.

Renner is almost disabled by AN extreme cough, that is diagnosed as terminal brain cancer that has unfold to his lungs. he's given solely a couple of months to measure, and can not see subsequent Christmas. for many years he has unbroken his dangerous career a rigorously guarded secret from his married person Christine (Connie Nielsen) and female offspring Zoey (Hailee Steinfeld), at the value of losing them. He decides to pay his remaining time attempting to repair his relationship together with his unloved female offspring, and if attainable, his ex-wife. He returns to Paris, wherever he and his family live severally, to seek out the African family of Jules (Eriq Ebouaney) is squatting in his flat. he's told by the govt that he's not permissible to evict poverty-stricken squatters till once the winter.

He makes an ungainly reconnection with Christine and Zoey, and tells Christine of his terminal ill health. She permits him to reconnect with Zoey, and once she should depart of the country on business, she is forced to let him take care of Zoey.Vivi finds him and recruits him to seek out and kill The Wolf, in exchange for AN experimental drug that might extend his life considerably. He reluctantly accepts, to urge longer together with his family. Vivi tells him the thanks to entice The Wolf is by obtaining The anomaly, successively by obtaining his controller, successively by snatch the gang's car driver.All the whereas he's fighting the psychotropic result of the medication once his pulse rate goes too high, that he will management solely by overwhelming alcohol. He should conjointly upset Zoey's college issues, and her habit of lying thus she will leave partying. He manages to stay her out of bother, and slowly reestablishes a father relationship together with her, that impresses his married person.He tracks The Wolf and also the anomaly into the subway, however they gain the whip hand once he's disabled by the hallucinations. The anomaly {attempts|makes AN attempt|tries} to kill him by pushing him ahead of an oncoming train, however Renner manages to push The anomaly on the track instead. The Wolf escapes.The family is invited to a celebration thrown by Zoey's boyfriend's father, World Health Organization happens to be The Wolf's business partner. Renner manages to shield Christine and Zoey once the Wolf's men begin shooting to kill him; he kills all of them, ANd whereas The Wolf is treed in an elevator, he breaks the cable, inflicting it to crash to the basement floor. The Wolf crawls out wounded, however Renner is once more disabled, and drops his gun simply out of his reach, wherever The Wolf will grasp. Vivi reaches them and kicks the gun back to Renner, telling him to complete the work and kill The Wolf, however he decides to not, as a result of "I secure my married person i would quit." Vivi then kills The Wolf.At last retired, Renner survives to Christmas, that he's defrayment at a house with Zoey and Christine. He discovers atiny low, red wrapped gift package, that contains another ampoule of the cancer medication.

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