Hot Celebrities But Bad Legs!!!

No one’s perfect! Not even your favourite Bollywood or Hollywood beauties who manage look like a perfect 10 all the time. If you have been sulking over your cellulite, ingrowths and marks on your legs, these photos may make you feel better. Take a look at celebrities who are not gifted with not-so-sexy legs.

Not even the intricacies of foreign policy and financial markets are as heavily scrutinized as the bodies of female celebrities. Gossip rags hire entire staffs of photographers and writers to document the weight fluctuations, workouts, and cellulite of A-list Hollywood actresses, musicians, and anyone else who dares be a woman who is famous for what she does.

Sniping at celebrities for their physical appearance is nothing new, but a Times of India columnist has somehow managed to hit an all-time low. Contributor Nasreen Khan, a beauty writer at Times of India, is unbelievably taking the position that the legs of nine famous women don’t stack up to the “perfect 10” that their faces imply.


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